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VERTEBRADYN® X.STRONG Lumbar spine orthosis is for mobilisation. The orthosis can be easily and quickly removed with the back shell and abdominal plate. A QR code directly on the product provides access to guided therapeutic exercises and important patient information.


Sizes Waist circumference in cm
XS 70 - 80
S 80 - 90
M 90 - 100
L 100 - 110
XL 110 - 120
XXL 120 - 130
Front height: 
XS - S: 18 cm 
M - XXL: 21 cm 

Back height: 
36 cm


  • Conservative / post-operative spine
  • Following vertebral fractures
  • Post-lumbar spine surgery and vertebral disc surgery
  • Severe instability of the lumbar spine
  • Severe lumbar deformity with hypermobility
  • Severe lumbar syndrome
  • Severe lumbosciatica
  • Spinal canal stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis



  • Bridging function through integrated spring steel bars and semi-rigid back shell
  • Functional mobilisation through the ability to remove parts for a bridging and lumbar support orthosis
  • Limitation of rotation in the lumbar spine area through trunk shell
  • Relief of the lumbar spine through de-lordosing, forward tilt of the trunk and backwards tilt of the pelvis
  • 4 lumbar spine-bridging spring steel bars
  • Anatomical back shell and abdominal plate made from plastic