Organic Technology

This product line is a little contribution to save our Planet.


Manu-cast Organic series: Innovative wrist support inspired by nature

Sporlastic Measurement of Ankle Supporter, Back Brace, back Suporter and more.


Which Knee Support is suitable for you?

Not sure which Knee support will be helpful for your condition?Compare them and choose the best verion for your needs.

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What kind of condition is it good for?

Meniscal damage

Mild ligament laxity, sprains, ruptures

How much Compression it has?

20-30 mmHG

20-30 mmHG

What kind of Support it has?

Stabilizing coil springs are located on the both sides.

Mouldable monocentric joint bars

Is this insurance covered or not?

Yes, but need Doctors' Rx

Yes, but need Doctors' Rx

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