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Manu-Cast Organic

Sale price$155.00 CAD
Size: Wrist circumference in cm: 1 (13cm - 18cm)
Side ( Specify right or left ): Right

MANU-CAST ORGANIC wrist brace is for immobilisation or restraint. it is made from recycled materials and very  much helpful in the following conditions : Preoperative, Posttraumatic, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/CTS, Inflammation, Degeneration, Rheumatic Diseases

The structure of the ORGANIC FRAMES and the spacing knit of the 3D SPACE KNITS ensure high breathability. Via QR code in the product packaging you can access important therapy exercises.



  • All indications for which where immobilization of the of the wrist in at least two directions of travel free finger mobility is necessary:
  • Damage to the hand in the wrist and metacarpal region
  • For immobilization of the wrist with free movement of the thumb and fingers
  • Post-operative hand / wrist
  • Preoperative, Posttraumatic, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/CTS, Inflammation, Degeneration, Rheumatic Diseases


Effectiveness/ Technology

  • Positioning in physiological or therapeutically necessary hand/forearm position
  • Relief, immobilization, immobilization of the wrist joint
  • Thumb and fingers remain freely movable
  • High breathability due to organic structure of ORGANIC FRAMES and spacer knit of 3D SPACE KNITS
  • Low orthosis weight due to optimized use of materials
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Optimal fit due to high adaptability
  • QUICK CLICK SYSTEM enables intuitive handling and positioning after changing or washing


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