PATELLADYN ® Knee Support

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PATELLADYN ® Knee Support is a bandage designed for both active and passive patella medialisation, with a lateral half-ring and medial pad, as well as medialising straps to influence the patella's gliding path. The medially open AIR-MATRIX silicone friction pad, along with the breathable 3D flat knit and integrated comfort and stretch zones, provides a high level of comfort for the wearer. Through a QR code on the product packaging, access guided therapy exercises and important information.



Size: 1
Side: Right knee

Measurement Guide

  • 14 cm above the knee joint space
  • 14 cm below the knee joint space


  • All indications in which an influence on the patellar gliding path is necessary, such as: E.g.:
  • Patella chondropathy
  • Femoropatellar pain syndrome
  • Guidance of the kneecap and pain reduction
  • Hypermobile patella
  • Patellar elevation
  • Patellar lateralization
  • Patellar dislocation (recurrent/habitual)
  • Retropatellar arthrosis
  • Damage to the knee joint in the sliding bearing between the kneecap and thigh


  • Active-muscular medialization and supportive passive centring of the patella in the plain bearing
  • Building proprioceptive stimulating infrapatellar pressure
  • Lateral silicone half ring with medially open pad and medializing reins
  • Metal side stabilization bars
  • Effective forces adjustable

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