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The GENU-TEX® ACL orthosis is a top-of-the-line textile knee support that utilizes the 4-point principle and limits extension and flexion. It combines the benefits of a medical brace's effectiveness and comfort with the stability of a sturdy hard-frame orthosis. The articulated wings can rotate to match the position and movement of the leg, effectively guiding the motion of the knee joint. This makes it ideal for activities involving contact or high ranges of motion, including jumping, running, and sudden changes of direction.


Size: 2
Side: Right knee

Measurement Guide

  • 14 cm above the knee joint space
  • 14 cm below the knee joint space


  • ACL rupture
  • ACL rupture
  • Conservative/post-operative knee
  • Knee arthrosis
  • Knee instabilities
  • Lateral ligament lesion of the knee
  • Meniscal reconstruction
  • Prophylaxis / prevention for the knee
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of the knee


  • Activated muscle work through proprioceptive stimuli
  • Controlled limitation of flexion and extension
  • Extension: 0°, 5°, 10°
  • Flexion: 20°, 30°, 50°, 60°, 85°, 90°, open
  • Stabilisation and guidance of the knee joint
  • Anatomically pre-moulded medial / lateral joint bars
  • Divided ventral and dorsal strap system
  • Silicone ring for guidance of the patella

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