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MALLEO-CAST® Ankle Brace


MALLEO-CAST® Ankle Brace

MALLEO-CAST® Ankle Brace for stabilisation in one plane, with air, foam or gel padding.

The anatomical shell construction ensures optimal stabilization. The fixation is done by two continuously adjustable straps.

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  • Acute capsular ligament rupture
  • All indications in which stabilization or movement restriction is required of the ankle joint with subsequent functional mobilization
  • Ankle fractures (Weber A)
  • Functional therapy of ligament ruptures
  • Post-operative foot & ankle
  • Primary and recurrence prophylaxis
  • Protection after tape seam/ -reconstruction
  • Sprains of the foot & ankle





  • Acute care thanks to simple application and high stabilization
  • Optimum voltage regulation through deflection loops
  • Stabilisation of the ankle joint with limitation of pronation and supination
  • Swelling reduction/prevention of oedema
  • AIR: Two-chamber system for optimum pressure regulation
  • FOAM: Multi-layer foam system for optimum pressure regulation
  • GEL: GEL chambers with cooling system