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MANU-HiT® POLLEX Wrist Orthosis

Sale price$160.00 CAD
Size: XS
Color: Platinum
Side: Right hand

MANU-HiT® POLLEX Wrist Orthosis

MANU-HiT® POLLEX Wrist Orthosis with thumb enclosure. The aluminium inlay can be moulded.

Wrist Orthosis Size Chart for Canada Ontario

Article No.: MEDI-07645



  • Arthrosis of the radial parts of the carpus
  • Arthrosis, sprain, ulnar lateral ligament lesion of the metacarpo-phalangeal joint
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Injuries to the carpal bones
  • Painful changes to the scaphoid bone
  • Peripheral radial nerve paralysis with drop hand and poor abduction of the thumb
  • Post-operative hand / wrist
  • Radial instability of the wrist



  • Preservation of grip function
  • Reduction of strain on the carpal bones, joint capsule and ligaments
  • Stabilisation and partial immobilisation through thumb enclosure in a functional position
  • Anatomically pre-moulded reinforcement inlay
  • SOFT-EDGE-TECHNOLOGIE: Soft composite material for maximum wearing comfort


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